Hashimoto Meruru De Aru is a YuuYuu based Japanese magical girl/boy anime series created by Haruna. The series is set for three seasons, each with a collection of 26 episodes and two movies. 

Meruru Flower Motifs


In the year 2020...



Hashimoto Meruru (橋本めるる) – Quiet, reserved and stoic, Meruru is the kind of person you would find sitting at the back of the class, silent. Meruru is an aspired author, although not very good. She is in constant mourning over her older sister, Ren, who was a Hero before her but apparently "dissappeared" while fighting a Vertex. She likes Udon. 

  • Theme Flower: Lotus 
  • Color: Pink 
  • Weapon: Staff 

Chiya Hime (千夜 姫) – Mature and calm, Hime acts as the 'older sister' of the Heroes. In school, she is the envy of all the girls and crush of all boys, but is somewhat oblivious to it all. Hime, behind her high-class and ladylike exterior, she is a nervous, sheepish and introverted wreck with a list of strange phobias, including: the numbers 7, 12, 8, 0, raw fish and giraffes. She secretly sleeps with a teddy bear she has named Button. 

  • Theme Flower: Lupinus 
  • Color: Purple/Violet
  • Weapon: Spear