Doi Tamako is a Hero: Galaxy Apocalypse (Doi Tamako wa Yuusha de Aru: Ginga no Mokushiroku) is an Anime Spin-Off.


It is a Spin-Off that can show the story of one year later after Vertex Attacks. This will be a new Story about Doi Tamako fighting against the Gods and save the Galaxy. What appeared was a mysterious girl called "Galaxy of Hope".


Doi Tamako was going with Anzu walking a bit when Tamako suddenly sucked by a portal and became one of the Souls wandering around in Yomizu. When she met an unknown person asking her to become a "Killing God". Tamako accepted and became a "killing gods", will fight against the gods and save the Galaxy....


Aka no Sora (red sky) by Rita (Opening Theme)

History by marina (Ending Theme)


  • That Series is different from Yuki Yuna is a Hero: Genesis´s Apocalypse
  • The unknown person is Zeixio
  • "Galaxy of Hope" was Xesio.
  • New Characters are going to appear.